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ANDY BARNES – An avid music fan for far more years than he cares remember, and an avid gig goer since the age of fifteen. Of the three Sonic Bandwagon presenters, Andy exhibits the most varied taste. It’s certainly not uncommon for a diabolically dark piece of Black Metal to be swiftly followed by minimalist electro pop, a laid back piece of ambient jazz or even a full scale hoedown. If Mike and Nige bring a sense of stability to the show, Andy provides moments of abject chaos and ear drum shattering brutality. On occasion, some of his selections are best heard from a safe haven with crucifix and sharp stake close to hand. You have been warned…………

NIGEL CARTNER – Nigel thought his taste in music was varied until he met Andy, and then he really knew what the words ‘varied’ and ‘eclectic’ meant. Still, his musical tastes pose a variety of genres, but it’s back to the nostalgic basics that really hold his interest with the 60s and 70s rock/blues scene, and a special love in particular for The Doors. His admiration for modern underground music has really blossomed over the past few years, and his eyes have been opened to the talent that sits beneath the commercial surface. He is a great believer in supporting music that sits at this level and his passion for writing within the industry helps support that.  Any bands/artists wishing to make use of this for reviews and interviews then please do get in touch….

MIKE AINSCOE – Mike’s love of music can probably be traced back to the Dave Clark Five’s 1964 single “Bits And Pieces”. Being jigged about to the 2 minute antiphonal (google it) hit was the beginning of an ongoing journey of musical discovery.  Inevitably, there was Top Of The Pops and the glam of Slade and T Rex (first album bought was “Electric Warrior”) and onto a Boys Grammar School where a whole new musical world opened up. Seeing sixth formers carrying albums under their arm was his first encounter with the wonderful worlds of bands such as Genesis, Yes, Led Zeppelin and ELP, many of whom were enjoying their Indian Summers of the seventies. Their gatefold sleeves and lyrics were devoured and a lifetime’s devotion to prog rock became set in stone, moving seamlessly into the eighties with the nu-prog era led by lifelong favourites Marillion, but also being seduced by the ever so slightly related fields  of harder edged  rock and metal.  From a time when anything non-prog was anathema to Mike, he’s mellowed in his old age, discovering the delights of traditional folk and acoustic  music  and the constant stream of new music coming through his passion  as a gig-goer,  music photographer and writer. With favourite artists and favourite songs which change daily, even hourly, he adds another spoke  to the Sonic Bandwagon wheel of fortune.

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    Hello there,

    I am currently managing an artist looking to take his next step in his career, I am looking to get some reviews of his debut EP and some air play! If you could help that would be brillaint.



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