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Published on September 6th, 2014 | by Callum Barnes


The Wytches – Annabelle Dream Reader

The first time I saw The Wytches it was on ‘Future Of The Left’s’ last UK Tour last October. They were gearing up for the release of their ‘Robe For Juda’ single and seemed extremely happy that finally their band seemed to be going somewhere. The Wytches are fantastic and though their release date clashed with the more well-known and industry-favoured Royal Blood, nobody who likes to think they know what they’re talking about in the rock music world should be ignoring this album right now. I’ve read a million and one comparisons to Nirvana with this band but it’s not that prominent to my ears, simply because The Wytches mesh together a few genres to make something that little bit different. Yes early 90’s Seattle grunge scene comes into it. But also surf guitar lines and some really doomy, low tuned instrumentation as well. Listening to The Wytches is like listening to something horrifying happening, yet you simply can’t turn it off. At times this record is delightfully dark- ‘Robe For Juda’, ‘Gravedweller’, and the final verse of ‘Wide At Midnight’, which is then turned on its head as you get the more soothing tracks of ‘Summer Again’ and the concluding ‘Track 13’. Lead singer Kristian Bell has a knack for turning his voice from cooing softly into a banshee’s howl in seconds, which makes for very entertaining and emotive listening. Recorded at Toe Rag Studios, where none of the equipment is under twenty years of age, it really does just sound like the most talented teenage band you could ever wish for, hitting it out just for your private pleasure.

As with all debuts and most notably this one, it is a chronicling of the bands mark on the musical map thus far, rather than a standalone album of all-new material. Early singles ‘Beehive Queen’ and ‘Digsaw’ appear here re-recorded and some material from their very first EP’s- ‘Wire Frame Mattress’ and ‘Burn Out The Bruise’. There never should be ‘best of..’ albums but thus far this is the closest you’re going to get to one from this band. Fantastic tracks, excellent sound and a return to the darkness that came with the emergence of Black Sabbath and heavy rock in the early 70’s, this band are one to watch for sure.

Release date – 25th August 2014


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