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Published on September 6th, 2014 | by Callum Barnes


Pulled Apart By Horses – Blood

It’s an odd thing time. It changes the way we perceive certain things including our lifestyles, our favourite music and pastimes. Pulled Apart By Horses were always going to evolve. For a band who did the running around/screaming in your face/tearing apart the venue phase before Baby Godzilla had probably even left college, it was always going to happen. They had a handful of extremely unique songs- ‘High Five, Swan Dive, Nose Dive’ an immediate circle pit starter who’s lack of lyrics only added to its charm, ‘I Punched A Lion In The Throat’ which was a riff-wielder’s joy and ‘Den Horn’ which was basically one guitar phrase being played for six minutes – though it was done in a way where you really felt you hadn’t heard that done before. The first record also hosted other mental songs which just added to the bulk of their live shows. Then came their second coming – ‘Tough Love’ in 2012, and that was a decent record but definitely saw them starting to calm down a bit, writing more actual lyrics instead of shouting about zombies all the time and showed a more (dare I say it) sensitive side.

Now, being out of the game for a year and a half, Leeds’ own Horses return. And not in a way I would expect. Yes, most of the songs on this album are mid-paced, but that’s no bad thing. Seeing them live you’d still get your fill of shouty, crazy rock so I think it’s great that they’ve decided to start thinking about their music a bit more intelligently. Stoner rock pops up here in lead single and first track ‘Hot Squash’. There’s still the riffs! There’s still the rock! Some songs even sound more sinister! This is just a more grown up band than we’re used to. Silly song titles- ‘ADHD in HD’– check. Unintelligible screaming – ‘Bag Of Snakes’– check. So the essence of the band still holds, but they’re more a straight edged ‘rock’ band than ever before. The drums and bass are louder, and the guitars sit back slightly. A ‘The Bends’ era style guitar solo happens. Pop hooks occur. ‘Grim Deal’ and ‘Medium Rare’ are now up there with the best songs they’ve ever written. No doubt in my mind – Pulled Apart By Horses continue to be consistent and that’s all through evolution. Go to a show, they’re still one of the best bands around.

Release date – 1st September 2014


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