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At Sonic Bandwagon we believe in the power of connection to help great music find its way to the fans. Through amalgamating the great photographers, PR agencies, fanzines, venues etc that we have the pleasure of working with, we can provide bands/artists/fans and volunteers a directory of where to find the best in a variety of expertises. Find links below to help you find what you’re looking for.





As well as writing for ourselves we write for a variety of dynamic fanzines who serve the music world well.







Check out the great photographers we work with who boast a wealth of experience photographing bands/artists.



Event Organisers / Promoters




Check out a list of those who help bring live music to the fans.



 PR Agencies




Without PR agencies who work tirelessly to bring new music to the world, it wouldn’t be possible to discover all that’s happening. A list of preferred Sonic Bandwagon PR agencies can be found here.








See a list of venues where the magic of underground music occurs.



Record Labels, Studios, Producers




Live albums/singles can’t happen without the help of these people.




radio 3



We’re not the only radio show that plays great music – take a look at some of the other shows that play fantastic music whether it be new material, or just reliving past greats!

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