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Published on May 22nd, 2017 | by Sonic Bandwagon


Save Our Festivals

It has come to my attention the absolute outrageous claims and actions made by a small minority in the Compstall area in relation to the four festivals taking place at Etherow Country Park over the course of the summer. The Manchester Evening News has reported that Community group Caring for Compstall has the backing of a 100 or so local residents and are demanding that the festival licence be revoked for all four summer events, citing drugs, drinking in public, damage to property and litter as being reasons for such an action.

Festival organiser, Karl Hancock, has had this response to the accusations, “It is a small minority. Lots of villagers volunteer at the festivals. The issues they have are important to them but we have asked numerous times for a meeting to discuss them and they have refused. None of the official bodies such as police , public health or child welfare have issues and if there were problems with anti-social behaviour or noise they would.”

From my own experience of attending Blackthorn the past few years I can only state the festival has passed without incident and has always ran under such a family friendly and welcoming atmosphere that should be the envy of most festivals. Noise has never been an issue from the bands playing late at night and the main acts have finished at a suitable hour. There is never an issue of overcrowding and there has been zero trouble. The spirit of the origins of festivals weaves its way amongst the crowd throughout each weekend, and is always a highlight of the summer for many people. Given that official bodies have never been called upon, this shows the weekends pass without incident and because of that they should be allowed to continue doing what they do so well.

The importance of new and underground music being heard is paramount to North West Arts and Culture, and what the four festivals at Etherow bring is a rare chance in the North West to see a huge scope of talent across a variety of genres over a weekend whilst also giving the option to camp. Not many festivals in the North West provide that hook.

A ruling will be made on whether the licence is revoked on 24th May – it is hugely important that the appeal is denied and four fantastic summer festivals get the go ahead for what is going to be yet another summer of fun.

Save our Festivals people as this kind of petition is not solely confide to Etherow Country Park!

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