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As well as writing for ourselves we write for a variety of dynamic fanzines who serve the music world well.


Mancunian Ways is brought to you by Philip Howe who is a serial gigger, writer and photographer.


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 is a leading independent publisher featuring news, reviews, interviews, competitions, the latest releases and all the gossip from the worldwide music scene.






Prog Sphere is a website for devotees of Progressive Rock/Metal, Jazz Fusion, and ALLLLLL of its varied sub-genres….




Music is a universal language. There isn’t anyone, anywhere who doesn’t love some form of it . This is a place where people can share songs, chat about music and make friends at the same time! Any music will be welcomed from classical, country to heavy rock. We are also encouraging new musicians to share their music (or old ones who have been hiding away).Our aim is to listen and spread the word!


Room Thirteen launched in October 2003 and to this day is run entirely by volunteers who share a common passion fro music and all that goes with it!

Laurel Canyon MusicLaurel Canyon Music is a new music group and creative community to promote and support Singer-Songwriter, Acoustic, Folk (in all its forms), Blues, Jazz, Americana and Country music. We especially like promoting and helping independent musicians. We will cover music from the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

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