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Published on November 19th, 2017 | by Mike Ainscoe





Golden Robot Records

Parental ADVISORY explicit content

A warning that will come as no surprise to some of the knowledgeable and ‘experienced’ rockers who buy into the Bandwagon. A 14 track collection recorded at Melbourne’s Bombay Bicycle Club in Brunswick in 1982 and remastered in 2017.

Taking us back 35 years to when the Aussie pub rock scene was at its peak, The tats were a band who were formed in the mid seventies and who took the AC/DC blues rock template in a different direction.  Invariably linked with Angry Anderson who remained at the core amidst line up changes galore, their blues boogie slide guitar driven rock was possibly at its most potent during this period.

It’s a  raw, warts and all recording – would they wish anything else upon us? – up close, loud and in your face in what must be a small, hot and sweaty club and perfect for some no nonsense rock and roll. ‘Rock And Roll Outlaw’, ‘Rock And Roll Is King’ of course emphasise the point and you can’t beat a bit of saucy innuendo so how about some ‘Juice On The Loose’ – after all, the Tatts have had some good mentors. ‘Butcher And Fast Eddie’ takes things down a bit in a more intense bluesier fashion but the focus is on searing hard rock and roll.

The Tatts are still rocking into 2018 when a new album and worldwide tour re on the cards, here’s a taster with a 1982 live version of ‘Scarred For Life’:

With the band’s AC/DC connections both personally and musically, it seems fitting that we should respectfully dedicate this to the late Malcolm Young whose recent death after a short illness has us all once again, pondering our mortality.

The official Rose Tattoo website is here

They can be found on Facebook and YouTube as well.


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