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Published on May 9th, 2018 | by Mike Ainscoe


Moore Moss Rutter: ‘III’ – album review



Hudson Records

We avoid the more obvious  ‘firm of solicitors’ jokes as Jack Rutter, Tom Moore and Archie Churchill-Moss get things together for the third time on, erm, ‘III’.

A Hudson Records production naturally sees Andy Bell at the helm and it’s his engineers notes that give the lowdown on what’s a developing relationship – maybe even earning a MMR & Bell tag as the essential  fourth member.

Recorded as complete live takes with  the aim of capturing  their closeness and synchronicity, it’s a pretty fair job to these ears. The continuity and progression leading Mr  Bell to remark on how  he’s looking forward to the next three albums – and although even Peter Gabriel stopped after his own fourth, it’s anyone’s guess that they’ll probably be titled something other than  ‘IV’, ‘V’ and ‘VI’.

The Moore/Moss musical relationship that makes up a third of False Lights and resulted in their own ‘Laguna’ album at the end of last year, seems to dominate the writing credits for MMR ‘III’. Their natural synergy is complemented by Jack Rutter’s guitar infusions and rhythms with the result that for three young guys there’s a stately quality to their combination that belies the fact that they’ve been playing in this format for a decade.

Inspiration comes from wild and wonderful sources; places for seal watching, cider taverns and strong coffee, to the more expected musical inspirations; Playford dance tunes, Danish wedding tunes  and minuets all marking their mark.The initial drive of ‘Intrepid // Espresso’ develops into a lively roister whilst ‘Hilly Fields // Blakeney Point’ is suitably pastoral, conjuring up images of open space and glorious country days.  Then there’s the animals: ‘Dougal’ – a lament for the family cat with the rubbery squeak of fingers on guitar strings and ‘Rowler’s Jig’ for Jack Rutter’s dog.

While Andy Bell talks of the trio having  bucketloads of music in them,  the temporary  draining in ‘III’ leaves the vessel half full rather than half empty. As they evolve even more quickly than their hairstyles, we look forward to the journey, anticipating plenty more to spill forth.

Watch MMR ‘live from the Crypt’ about a year ago

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