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Published on April 29th, 2018 | by Mike Ainscoe


Midas Fall – ‘Evaporate’ – album review



Monotreme Records

Scottish duo Elizabeth Heaton and Rowan Burn combine in a post-rock electronic fashion with just a hint of their Scots roots.

It’s their fourth album since the release of ‘Eleven. Return And Revert’ in 2010, so bolstered by press quotes that mention their prog/dream pop blend and the cinematic air of Oceansize, we’re intrigued.

After being lulled by an intro to ‘Bruise Pusher’ that sends us drifting off  to Middle Earth and Elven lands  via an ethereal wash, the heat intensifies with a slowly thudding build up before the title track reinforces the typical haunting multi-dimensional approach; passages of starkness are developed with juddering whispers of percussion and swathes of synths accompanying the ethereal vocal reverb.

The anticipated aggression of ‘Sword To Shield’ heralds the contrast of a dreamy melancholy, an atmosphere that’s fully developed in ‘In Sunny Landscapes’. A track crafted by a vocal that sails high into the upper registers against a hovering borealis before giving way to an interval of simple and delicate piano. Eerie industrial rushes invoke hints of ominous portent, even a hint towards desperation in the vocal of ‘Dust And Bone’ and from an inauspicious opening, ‘Lapsing’ gives way to a threatening thunder.

Across ten tracks, ‘Evaporate’ provides an indulgent experience in the crafting of cinematic atmospheres, a balance between the dark and ominous, and the light, lifting and lilting.

Watch the video for ‘Glue’ here:

‘Evaporate’ is out now on the usual digital formats, CD and limited edition vinyl (220 black and 300 clear blue/black)

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